The Madison County Historical Society, Inc. is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate our citizenry and visitors about the county‚Äôs unique history, archeology, architecture, and cultural heritage. The MCHS board also collaborates with governmental entities, educational institutions, and public/private businesses and organizations to promote, protect, and preserve Madison County history and heritage.

Recent News


February 11, 2019:  Glyn Green was asked to serve as a board member for the society.  Glyn is a retired teacher and football coach from Madison Central and Madison Southern High Schools. He is currently a real estate appraiser and has a love of history and Madison County.


January 21, 2019:  The Bogie Family - Jesse, June Ed, Billy June and Billy Reed Bogie donated the date stone from the James Bogie house dated October 11, 1811.  The initials JB are written above the date.  The stone is currently at the Richmond Tourism house awaiting display there.

The family also donated photographs of the College Hill Baseball Field and a baseball scorebook from the 1930's with several names of young men from the College Hill area.  A story will be published in Heritage Highlights at a later date with more information.

New Website

Welcome to our new website.  We are excited to launch a new design and new features.


October 18, 2018;  Chester Zoeller, author and Bourbon distiller, made a presentation to the society on the topic of Bourbon in Kentucky.  Mr, Zoeller has written a couple of books on the topic:  Bourbon in Kentucky:  A History of  Distilleries in Kentucky and Kentucky Bourbon Barons:  Legendary Distillers From the Golden Age of Whiskey Making as well as producing a poster "Spiritus Frumenti" of Kentucky Bourbon bottles.  Mr, Zoeller brought three bottles of his Jefferson Reserve for tasting.


Chestnut Tree Revival in Kentucky

03/21/2019 06:30 pm
Rex Mann, Retired forester and founder of the Kentucky Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation will be talking about the chestnut tree revival.

Pioneer Iron Furnaces in Kentucky

04/18/2019 06:30 pm

Matthew Davidson, PhD candidate in Anthropology will be speaking about the early iron furnaces in Kentucky.

Pioneer Cemetery Preservation

05/16/2019 06:30 pm
Ann Gardner Johnson will be talking about preserving old cemeteries and Kentucky cemetery laws.

4th Annual Recognition Program

06/20/2019 06:30 pm
Awards presentation to distinguished Madison County Historians and preservation organizations. Jackie Couture, Librarian at EKU Special Collections and Archives will talk about Dr. Jonathan T. Dorris.