Meeting Schedule of the Madison County Historical Society

Regular meeting date is the 3rd Thursday of each month.  Meeting location will be in the Community Room (Lower level) of the Madison County Library at the corner of West Main and 5thStreet.

In case of continuing health restrictions, meetings will be by internet – Zoom.

Regular meeting time is 6:30 PM.  Publicity will be made via Facebook, email and the Community Calendar in the Richmond Register and Berea Citizen.

2021 Programs

Madison County Historical Society

2021 Schedule of Programs


October 21, 2021 – Hugh A. Moran IV

         “Moran Ancestral Family”


November 18, 2021 – Mack Cox

         “Early Kentucky Antique Furniture”


Past Events

February 18, 2021 – Jackie Burnside

         “African American Communities in Madison County”


March 18, 2021 – Harry Rice

         “Madison County Native Red Foley”


April 15, 2021 – TBD



May 20, 2021– Rachel Lee Rogers in a Chautauqua Presentation

         “Jean Richie”


June 17, 2021 - 6thAnnual MCHS Recognition Program. 


August 7, 2021 – Annual Meeting/Picnic        

         Venue:  Mt. Zion Church at 6:00

         “Elizabeth Lawson as Charlotte Dupay in a Chautauqua Presentation”


September 1, 2021– 5thAnnual Cemetery Activity      

         Venue:  Four Mile Cemetery/Old Soldier’s

         Cemetery on Four Mile Avenue

         “Cemetery Restoration Workshop”

                   Fund raiser for the cemetery with Stuart Joynt


September 16, 2021 – Bryan Tipton                 

         Venue:  Lynwood on Lexington Road

         "Revitalization of Lynwood"

Download a printable copy here